Diary #4 – Books and Booked

I didn’t manage to finish any books this week and quite frankly got into a bit of a slump with reading. I don’t know if it was the weather turning dull or that fact that I have a few more plans now, but my reading time definitely fell dramatically. Having said that when I did return to my books I was welcomed back with interesting and engaging writing. Oh and I got my first COVID vaccine so I’m pretty happy about that!

Reading Update:

I’m still reading Queer Intentions and A Bite of the Apple, both of which I am enjoying for different reasons. Queer Intentions is easily one of the best pieces of written evidence for why representation is so important. I consider myself to be reasonably aware of LGBTQ+ issues, but in this book Abraham interviews and talks to so many different members of the community that I am discovering a lot of things I have never considered. For example: how Ru Paul’s Drag Race has both a positive and negative effect on Drag by bringing it into the mainstream and both sides of the argument on whether Pride should be just one event or lots of smaller ones to represent the different parts of the community. First hand accounts are always so valuable and this book is packed with them. I’m loving it so far and am always excited to pick it up.

A Bite of the Apple is also interesting for it’s first hand accounts, this time on working for Virago when the company started out and watching it progress. It really sounds like a turning point in women’s literature, one which I was not massively aware of. Goodings mentions many of the books that got them started and afforded them continual success, many of which I have to admit I have not heard of, but it’s making me very excited to explore their modern classics collection in the near future.

Other News:

I’m also positively ecstatic about the fact I managed to book tickets for Joe Lycett’s new stand up tour!! It’s not until next year, but I’m already looking forward to it. I received tickets to his last tour as a birthday present and I think it’s one of my favourite ever comedy shows so here’s hoping this one is as good if not better!

Neither book nor theatre related, but I finally finished The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch yesterday, which I’m very happy about. It’s by no means the best Zelda game I’ve played (which is obviously Minish Cap) but it was nice and nostalgic, plus now I’ve finished it I can exchange it in for a new game, but what to buy?

Are you a gamer? What are some of your favourite games? Old or new, I’m open to suggestions!

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