Emily Wilson: Fixed


On Monday night I was kindly invited to Soho Theatre to watch Emily Wilson’s “humiliating and outrageous” stand-up show, Fixed.

Down in the basement stage of Soho Theatre, I was immediately confident that I would love the show after seeing a keyboard on stage – musical comedy is my absolute favourite – and Wilson did not disappoint!

A mixture of tv clips, original music, youtube videos and embarrassing old social media posts, Fixed is the story of Emily’s journey as a 15-year-old singer on The X Factor USA. Wilson’s self-deprecating humour and genuine talent for singing made this show hilarious, I haven’t belly-laughed like this for a long time. Her comic timing kept catching me by surprise with jokes about Ronald Regan, day raging and much more. The show was a perfect blend of each medium, the stand-up led brilliantly into videos, and the videos perfectly blended with Wilson’s songs. She also wasn’t afraid to let the audience just watch an unedited clip to vary the pace and to give her time to surprise us with another silly costume change – the heelys were the cherry on top for me!

Being a similar age to Wilson and having grown up watching The X Factor (UK), an unexpected highlight was the nostalgia the show awakened. References to old songs that I definitely listened to on repeat as a teenager, but haven’t listened to since like Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, really helped me to travel back in time with Wilson and remember what it was like to be a hopeful teenager in a very fixed world.

Fixed is on at Soho Theatre until Saturday 18th March so grab your tickets quick!

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